Are You Trying to Buy or Sell a House That Has Been Red-Tagged by the Building Department?

 Have you been denied financing on a house because it has code violations or unpermitted alterations?   David Hirzel can help.


When title research reveals that unpermitted remodeling work has been done on a property, building department “red tag” and code enforcement issues are a liability.  These must be rectified before the property can get financing.

When building departments see code violations, their primary goal is to legalize the work that has already been done.  Often this only requires a set of as-built drawings showing the work, with notes referencing current code requirements.

Once drawings have been reviewed and approved, a building permit is issued, and the red-tag is removed.  The property is now clear and ready for sale. Some planning and building issues cannot be met so simply, but through proper negotiation, many of them can.


David Hirzel Building Design can remedy most of these situations quickly.  I have provided as-built drawings and red-tag remediation in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties since 1988.

If the work to be legalized does not conform to current building code standards, I can design solutions to rebuild the problem areas.  These plans then become the basis for contractor bids to perform the required work.

For example, the owner of a property in one Northern California town nearly doubled the size of a house without a design or building permit for a three-story  addition. The hurdles to legalizing this construction were significant, but they were met by David Hirzel.

If the house you want to buy or sell has code violation issues, you need an experienced building design professional who will start work on your project immediately.  The time is yours to save.  Call or email David Hirzel Building Design today.