For Realtors

As you know, when a property changes hands under the guidance of a realtor, sometimes issues of unpermitted work come up.  They may be through the seller’s disclosure answer to the question “Are you aware of any work that was done to this house without the necessary permits?”  They may come up in a Home Inspector’s report, that some of the features of the house are in obvious violation of the building code and will need remediation.  Sometimes the title search uncovers recorded violations that have never been resolved.

When they do, they pose an immediate problem to both the buyer and the seller, as often the transaction can’t be completed until the problems are resolved.  In many cases, the remedy may be simpler than it looks.  A simple interior bath might just need an inspection and a final to make it legal.  Larger projects that have moved walls or added fixtures might need some engineering, possibly some structural amendment to keep the work that has been done.  A garage conversion might need to be undone.

Whatever the problem, in all likelihood there IS a solution.  We just have to find one that best fits the needs of all concerned parties.  The most important thing is to get started on resolution the minute the violation surfaces,  during or even before the listing or escrow commences.  Call David Hirzel at 650-201-0440 or email for a fast response.


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